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Donation Destinations

"I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.”
― Angela Y. Davis,
 American Political Activist

 I have been so lucky in this life to have a home, an education, loving family and friends. Everyone deserves that, now and always.


Mutual Aid is a beautiful movement of people coming together as a network of horizontal care. It is the taking of responsibility to help each other thrive. Postcards Purposed is one node of that web, I share my art and wish to help causes I deeply care about.  I hope you similarly resonate with their missions. 

gender Equity

Creating safe spaces for all identities and orientations to be, proudly and limitless

Social Justice

Seeking justice and providing support with an intersectional and holistic approach

Climate Action

Transforming systems, holding power accountable, empowering communities and choosing regenerative practices


donated since going live!

Sincere gratitude to all our supporters. Your contributions have gone towards climate activism mobilisation, medical care for migrant workers, and counselling services to sexual assault survivors, and much more. 
You have made a difference.
Thank you for being a light. 

Our Beneficiaries

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How We Donate

All Proceeds

Postcards Purposed is a mutual aid fundraiser initiative. Proceeds are donated to the above organizations as a way to redistribute to the community. This initiative is independently funded and costs will be covered to stay sustainable.

Monthly Updates

We strive to be fully transparent on the management of your kind contributions and will update amounts fundraised onto the website and the Lighthouse Newsletter. Sign up to see the difference you are making! 

Your Cares Matter

Share with us the causes you believe in!

Thank you for your ideas!

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