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With Cafe For The People for AWARE

Heart To Card - IWD



Donated to AWARE's 

Next Gen Fund

'Heart to Card' was a fundraising and interactive event to celebrate International Women’s Day 2021, dedicated to AWARE. 


An intimate session of heart to hearts over high tea, honest discussions on how to foreground women's rights and issues, wrapped up with a writing session on our postcards to women we admire/miss/love, or our future selves. 

Featured Trailblazers: Hsin (Director, Women Unbounded); Germaine (Entrepreneur, The Quadrant); Jia En (Fitness Trainer); 
Sheena (Associate Librarian, NLB); Nash Pillay (Christian Author); Vanessa (Founder, For The People); Kah Mun (Founder, How Light Falls)

Was a beautiful evening witnessing strangers become friends and experiencing the mutual inspiration and sharing of strength that happened around the tables. Grateful for the wisdom, curiosity, and vulnerability our participants brought, and I'm glad we had a quiet moment to pen our thoughts and reflections after.  

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