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With Local Clay Makers ClayedbyClare & RingyThings


Nina and I go way back and I had the joy of witnessing her entire growth in exploring clay and resin as mediums and I am so inspired by her absolute flourishing! She has explored and discovered so many new techniques and is constantly improving her work, flow, designs and quality. She truly creates from the heart and it shows in the diversity and care. I love supporting the art practice of friends and I wear her earrings all the time. When she approached me to make matching earring cards I was elated. They truly go together so well as a complementary pair. Keen to see how else she will bloom and I will always be happy to match that with my photography. 

Ringy Things


When I found Rachel's page and saw her earrings, I was put in awe by her talent with clay and eye for detail. 

Inspired, I reached out to create a collaboration designed by the photographs taken on my travels. 

Titled How Light Falls on Earth, we have chosen two inspiration photographs from 4 regions of the world, Asia, Oceania, Europe and America.

Seeing my photographs & memories translated into wearable art is truly surreal. 

Wear the world on your ears. 

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