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Local Music

With Jean Tan & Music Drama Company

Singer Songwriter Jean Tan

Jean often weaves her experiences with healing and love into her music. Her latest record ‘Blooms’ is a folk-jazz 5-track EP that rings in resounding assurance that for every time there is darkness and death, there is a time of light and rebirth which follows.

50% of the proceeds go to Smile Asia to support surgeries for cleft children across Asia as well as our various donation destinations.

As a lover of music and supporter of local, ground-up ventures, I was so happy to be connected with Jean by our mutual friend, Nicole. Her music is lyrically deep yet melodically light, perfect to listen to while walking outdoors on a sunny day, or indoors while in the arms of loved ones. Be inspired by her story from her website, and of course, give her music a listen!

Music & Drama Company

Coming Soon!
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