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Hello There!

I'm Kahmy

I believe there is beauty in every scene, you just have to allow yourself to see it. Everyone moves in the world differently and for me, I am mesmerised by  how light falls - the way light and shadow play - these one in forever moments.

This studio aims to capture and showcase those moments, as an appreciation for the wonder of life. 


Our first project responds to the radical circumstances we are currently in. The world is in pain and people are in need. I thought deeply about how I could help in my own way, and realised that my passion for photography and care for people can come together.

Handwritten postcards have undeniable magic, and I ​love that they capture memories, moments and moods. Now, I want them to be for good too.

Postcards Purposed was born as a Fundraising project to create connections while helping humans. If this resonates with you, I hope you for join us to contribute to a better, safer and more just society,   one postcard at a time.

Lots of light, 


Posting Model

To minimise waste, this will be a print per order model. Orders are collected over the week and mailed within one or two weekends. We ask for your patience with this choice. There will be no plastic used to wrap your chosen postcards, and they will be posted via normal mail.

Future Ideas

New postcard designs are released frequently, with a fully analogue film collection coming soon. More featured artists will also be sharing their art on this platform! Selected photographs are now available in larger sizes as wall art (from A3 to custom sizes). Feel free to reach out with any collaboration ideas, I will be happy to connect!


Slowness & Sustainability


Contact Me

Thank you for reaching out!

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