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Yale-NUS College 

A celebration of my alma mater which became a beloved home to so many. 

Yale-NUS is a young liberal arts college in Singapore with ambitions bigger than its founding team, and visions further than the horizon from our tallest tower. It was a pioneering institution in progress, being formed by the community as its held all our diverse journeys, explorations, and becomings in its embrace. YNC's chapter is being closed too soon, but our core values and culture live on in us. This YNC collection is dedicated to honor just a few facets of our wonderful college. From the green spaces for contemplation, splashes of color mirroring the boldness of its students, and the way the sunlight bathes its symbolic architecture. I hope these moments resonate with the YNC community in different ways unique to each person and their story. May you hold these close as memories, or send them on their way across the world with notes to your past roommate. 

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the college, specifically, the Student Emergency Aid Fund. It helps students with unexpected financial needs such as family emergency, significant medical costs, an urgent housing need, and other sudden needs in times of crisis. I am honoured to be able to redistribute your contributions back to the community that shaped so many of us, and am grateful for your every support. This is for us. 


 A community of learning,
Founded by two great universities,
In Asia, for the world.

All prices are in SGD. All orders within Singapore receive free mailing!
All international orders will be packed in padded & waterproof envelopes.

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