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Creations by Faith - Volume 1: Revelation

Hi, I am Alexus. I don't label myself as a photographer, but prefer to be known as the one who creates moments and captures memories that will be etched in your mind(s) forever. Based in Singapore, I grew up learning photography with my cousin, in photojournalism class and kind mentors in the wedding industry. The trained eye and skills developed over the years gave birth to the man I am today. These moments are captured in Iceland, a poignant time when I experienced goodness during my overseas exchange. I hope these photographs remind you of the fondest memories (if you have been there) or memories where you have been out exploring beaten tracks and witnessing life.


After months of prayer and tugging at my heartstrings, I decided to dedicate this first series titled Revelation for church mission funds. Proceeds from this series will be given directly to my home church - Riverlife Church. Riverlife Church mission initiatives include emergency food/daily necessity supplies to struggling overseas communities that are greatly affected by the COVID-19 situation and economic crisis, support of pastors serving in local churches and communities, church planting efforts and locally run evangelistic events. 


Instagram: @visual.editor

Feature Series - Revelation by Alexus

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